Figure. Assessing drug transport and release from multistage DDS in breast cancer metastases at multiple spatial and temporal length scales.

Use multimodal molecular imaging approaches to evaluate macromolecular delivery and pharmacokinetics.

We use and develop advanced imaging technologies to visualize and quantify transport and biological interactions of biomacromolecules, complex drugs and drug delivery systems (DDS)


Figure. PET/CT based quantitative visualization of nanoparticle pharmacokinetics indicates high tumor uptake and near-complete clearance of size-optimized nanoparticles. We design many classes of nanoparticles for different biomedical applications.

Develop innovative macromolecular therapies and theranostics.

Real-time visualization of nanoparticle kinetics in vivo allows reverse engineering and optimization of nanoparticle design, function and performance. We use advanced imaging technology to guide the development of effective treatment options by combining the advances in nanomedicine and bioengineering with those in traditional surgery, chemo, radiation and immunotherapy for various biomedical applications.


Figure. Parametric maps to visualize and quantify vascularity and oxygenation biomarkers noninvasively, precisely and with high spatio-temporal resolution to predict and evaluate treatment response.

Use imaging to visualize tumor microenvironment.

We use and develop advanced imaging methods to interrogate the biophysical ME before, during and after treatment.

Use precise pharmacological approaches to modulate the TME

We characterize tumor biology in responders vs non-responders and use appropriate strategies to improve treatment outcomes.